First, you will need to have purchased Sygic Fleet 10 In-dash from the Sygic website. Once you've bought Sygic, download the installation ZIP from your Sygic account page. Note: This download from Sygic may be very large as it contains maps for your region; the North America download is 1.7 GB. 

Installing Sygic
After downloading the Sygic ZIP file, extract this to a permanent location on your target Centrafuse system. Note: We recommend an easy to find to on your system, such as: C:\Sygic. This will make it easier when selecting the path from Centrafuse. 

Please note that Sygic Fleet 10 In-dash does not have a regular Windows installer, rather you simply extract the files to your hard drive and run the Drive.EXE. First we're going to configure Sygic in standalone mode to get it set up and activated. 

Configure Sygic Drive.exe as a stand-alone application
Locate the Drive.exe in the [Sygic]/Software/Drive/WindowsXP folder. Launch Drive.exe go through the Sygic set-up. You will be prompted with a file dialog as shown in the picture below. This is prompting you for the Maps folder. Your maps will be located here: [Sygic]\Software\Maps.

Note: Don't try to find your map region, simply select the top level /Maps folder and click Okay. 

SelectMap Screen.PNG

Activate Sygic 
After selecting the Maps folder, you will be prompted to activate your copy of Sygic. Please refer to Sygic on screen instructions for product activation. IMPORTANT: If you do not activate Sygic, you cannot use your maps. It will show you a red error message about loading maps. 

Configure Sygic 

After activation, Sygic should be running in standalone mode. At this point you will be guided through the typical Sygic setup process of choosing a voice for spoken directions, setting various navigation and route preferences, picking a keyboard mode and setting up GPS COM port and baud rate. 

After configuring Sygic you will need to download and install the Sygic app for Centrafuse. 

Download & Install Sygic app from Market
After extracting the Sygic files to your system, visit the Market and download/install the Sygic app for Centrafuse. You can alternatively do this from the Market app on your Centrafuse system. The Sygic helper app we're installing is very small - only about 380 KB - so downloading is quick and easy. After installing the Sygic CFAPP package, Centrafuse will asked to be restarted to finish copying new files. 

Set the Navigation engine to Sygic
After installing the Sygic "helper" app from Market, we need to set the current Navigation engine in Settings to use Sygic. Open System / Settings and enable advanced settings mode, then scroll down and select Navigation. Open Navigation settings and locate the setting for "Navigation engine". Change this setting to SYGIC and tap Ok, then Save your changes. Sygic is now your current navigation engine, but we're not done yet. 

Launching Sygic from Centrafuse
Check your home screen for a new Nav button. This is your Sygic shortcut. If you don't have a Nav shortcut, just add your own where you want it by simply pressing on any home screen button area for 4 seconds. When the list of possible actions, choose Navigation and a new button will be added. This button will launch Sygic. Go ahead and press it and then continue reading. 

Specify location of Drive.exe
When you run our Sygic app for the first time, it will prompt you to browse for your Sygic EXE file. Browse to the /Software/Drive/WindowsXP folder and select Drive.exe and tap OK. Note: Use the WindowsXP folder for both Windows 7 (or Vista) and Windows XP. These are the only supported operating systems for this app.

 Browse to and select Drive.exe

Navigate somewhere!
You should be ready to use Sygic from within Centrafuse. Enjoy!


Modifying Sygic Configuration
You can modify Sygic settings at any time by simply tapping on your map to show the Sygic menu. You will use Sygic to completely manage Sygic's settings and preferences. Once Sygic is set as the navigation engine for Centrafuse, NONE of the other Centrafuse settings inside Navigation settings have any effect. Those only apply to Destinator. Use Sygic to manage ALL settings.  

Also, try SygicAlert - get alerts from anywhere in Centrafuse!

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